October Half term

October Half term

On the second weekend we went on the Elizabeth line from Tottenham Court Road to Canary wharf. The Elizabeth line was very fast and quiet. It was easy to get on the train and there was loads of space for my wheelchair.

This is me at Canary wharf.

At Canary wharf we went to the roof garden and afterwards we went for pizzas.

The roof garden was lit up and we walked around and admired the beautiful trees .


Nearly everyday I go swimming at the Dulwich college sports centre. My job is to book the session on the day on my laptop. The best thing about that leisure centre it’s just around the corner so it only takes 5 minutes. Each session last 50mins. I enjoy being in the water.

Walking my dog Sonny

Nearly everyday I take Sonny for walks

I take Sonny for a walk in Dulwich park nearly every day and we take him off the lead.He runs after dogs and squirrels.When he sees a grey squirrel he barks like mad and runs after them.Sometimes he runs and we can’t catch him so we spend along time looking for him.He has a friend who lives a few houses down and they play together.

We go in through the Queen Mary Gate to get into the park. It has a lake which has ducks and swans

This is where you can find ducks and hire boats. I ride my bike in the park

Every Monday I go to play Hockey in Clapham

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